Saturday, April 3, 2010

Napowrimo #3: Are you Scared Yet?

I'm not titling these poems yet so I'm just using whatever heading is given for the day's prompts so the gist of today's prompt was to right about what scares us and this is what I came up with so.....ENJOY!

I’m not your average woman

I stand taller than most

And I boast a confidence that could put others to shame

The harshest prick brings me no pain

Yet the thought of losing him scares me

Because if he leaves he takes love with him

And I need it to survive

I wouldn’t want to know life without it

If taken away it would surely send me into a fit

And I wouldn’t be fit to exist and that scares me

The power of love is amazing

And I feel its strength every time I catch myself gazing

At the rise and fall of his chest as he sleeps

As I stare at him trying to figure out what he thinks

This is one fear that doesn’t need conquering

I want to know what love is

Like that one song sings

I don’t want to know the pain

That heartbreaks brings

This is my fear

And I’ll carry it today, tomorrow, into next year

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Writing

I haven't written anything in FOREVER!!! I was sitting here thinking and this piece just came together and I like the end result so I hope you do to....ENJOY!

Where’s that wall of protection when you need it?

Temptations knocking

And I don’t want to feed it

Any ammunition to thrive on

Trying to keep my eye on what’s familiar

And not give thought to this peculiar feeling in me

And by peculiar I mean curiosity

It’s scaring me

That I even think of a you and me

When there’s a he and I

And I love him….right?

Of course I do

That’s not even a question

But you are testing me

Testing my fidelity

And something’s telling me to try

And that voice is loudest when I settle on your eyes

And move to your lips

And wonder what a kiss would feel like

What it would taste like

And then I think twice

And snap back into real life

But I store you in the recesses of my mind

To turn to in those times

When a fantasy will due

Because they’ll never be a me and you

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #19

Back at playing catch up again. This prompt was about Friendship....ENJOY!

They say men and women can’t be friends

But I thought we broke the mold

Time spent together

Created memories that I would forever hold

I was tethered to you

And our similarities were our glue

But then we dissolved like we never were

And I was caught up in a whirlwind

Of emotions

Unanswered questions

Did I mention

You were my best friend

My right hand man

My partner in crime

The one who made time fly

And now you’ve flown away

Despite attempts at repair

I’d rather keep you at bay

I can’t let you in again

To leave me



Tattered again

I have to remind myself

You were just a friend

Friday, April 17, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #17

For this poem I had a few ideas. I was gonna talk about missing a lover/boyfriend but then I was like, "I've done that", then I was gonna talk about missing a love one like my father but then I said, "I'm not in the mood for crying" then I had a like bulb moment and I was like AH HA and it came to me. Now this was a tearjerker for me as well because I REALLY do miss it but I like the end result so...ENJOY!

135th and Crocker

That’s the corner that tells the story of my childhood

If it was a movie you would see scenes

Of my sisters and I running up and down the streets of the neighborhood

A peach house with a burgundy roof

In between these walls was living proof

That real families still existed

This home is what I miss

The day we moved

I walked around to each room

To recall what was once there

The memories

Sent chills through me

Because the walls were now bare

And then the tears fell

And hit the floor

I wanted to mark this territory

Because no one could love it more

This was my home

And one day I’ll reclaim it

I’ll drive by

Look for a for sale sign

And it’ll be mine once again

I’ll be home again

And the walls will say

Welcome back old friend

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nawripomo: Poem #16

So I'm back and today's prompt was taking a word and running with it so I was trying to make a nice, legible map on my computer to show how I got the words I chose to used but that didn't work out so I hope this little diagram works:

MOLD -(rhymes with)-> hold, scold, household, stroll, old
MOLD -(synonyms)-> build, shape, form
MOLD -(antonym)-> DISMANTLE -(antonym)-> combine
DISMANTLE -(synonym)->RECONSTRUCT -(rhymes with)->pluck

I can’t tell you the number of times

I’ve heard a woman say she wants a man to mold

And I can’t help but scoff and say I want a man to hold

I’m not looking to raise a child

Someone’s whose mistakes I’d have to scold

I don’t need that

I want someone to build a household with

And stroll to our destination of forever

As we grow old together

Not a child that I have to tether myself to

I don’t look at men as projects

Objects to shape into form

Dismantle and reconstruct

Poke, prod, and pluck away

Undesirable traits

I’m looking for someone to combine my spirit with

Form a union heaven sent

To revel in

Me and my self made man

Monday, April 13, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #15

Still playing catch-up, Poem #15: Instead Of...

I live to write

Or should I say I write to live

It’s vital to my existence like breathing

So I feel like someone’s teasing me

When I have a pen in hand

And paper in front of me

And I can’t write

But this is no one’s writer’s block

I’m just locked in this classroom

With this lecture

From this professor

That I don’t want to hear

And I fear that I’m going to lose it

Not my mind

But these rhymes

That flow from the tips of my fingers

And I could wait but I don’t know

How long their gonna linger

And I don’t wanna lose them

So I’d rather be writing instead

Make room for more

By taking these words out my head

But this teacher keeps going on and on

And all I wanna do is write this poem

But his long winded words won’t let me

He’s driving me crazy

And this is my therapy

I know I should be listening

But instead I’d rather be writing

Napowrimo: Poem #14

Catching up some more. This prompt was called Road Trip...Enjoy!

My car knows my secrets

It’s like my diary

It’s seen every side of me

It’s my partner in crime

It’s driven me up and down the coast

And it’s allowed me to just cry

It was my shoulder

It is the holder of memories

Of love scenes

And tears that streamed

And blood curdling screams

Of frustration

Sometimes after I’ve parked

I get out with hesitation

Now I have to face the world

Leaving behind my security blanket

But I can face it

I can take it

All the while I’m waiting

To resume my seat

Rejoin my partner

And gamble on what destination we’ll meet