Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Writing

I haven't written anything in FOREVER!!! I was sitting here thinking and this piece just came together and I like the end result so I hope you do to....ENJOY!

Where’s that wall of protection when you need it?

Temptations knocking

And I don’t want to feed it

Any ammunition to thrive on

Trying to keep my eye on what’s familiar

And not give thought to this peculiar feeling in me

And by peculiar I mean curiosity

It’s scaring me

That I even think of a you and me

When there’s a he and I

And I love him….right?

Of course I do

That’s not even a question

But you are testing me

Testing my fidelity

And something’s telling me to try

And that voice is loudest when I settle on your eyes

And move to your lips

And wonder what a kiss would feel like

What it would taste like

And then I think twice

And snap back into real life

But I store you in the recesses of my mind

To turn to in those times

When a fantasy will due

Because they’ll never be a me and you

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