Saturday, April 3, 2010

Napowrimo #3: Are you Scared Yet?

I'm not titling these poems yet so I'm just using whatever heading is given for the day's prompts so the gist of today's prompt was to right about what scares us and this is what I came up with so.....ENJOY!

I’m not your average woman

I stand taller than most

And I boast a confidence that could put others to shame

The harshest prick brings me no pain

Yet the thought of losing him scares me

Because if he leaves he takes love with him

And I need it to survive

I wouldn’t want to know life without it

If taken away it would surely send me into a fit

And I wouldn’t be fit to exist and that scares me

The power of love is amazing

And I feel its strength every time I catch myself gazing

At the rise and fall of his chest as he sleeps

As I stare at him trying to figure out what he thinks

This is one fear that doesn’t need conquering

I want to know what love is

Like that one song sings

I don’t want to know the pain

That heartbreaks brings

This is my fear

And I’ll carry it today, tomorrow, into next year

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  1. Hi, Sanura. I'm looking forward to following your blog during April. And I invite you to read my poems at (Find NaPoWriMo 2010 in the top menu bar) - Greg =)