Friday, February 20, 2009

Lights Out

So by now we've all heard of the Chris Brown and Rihanna scandal. It's unfortunate but I'm not passing judgment on any of the parties involved but this poem that will follow was inspired by the picture of Rihanna I saw that shows her injuries. By no means if this a reflection of how I think their relationship was, it's just what I took from the picture, as if I wasn't looking at Rihanna but instead at one of many name less woman who are victims of domestic violence.

Huddled in the corner in a fetal position

Shadow cascading over me

Belonging to my executioner

As he gets ready to deliver that final blow

And in that instant I know I made a mistake

As I’m wiping the blood from my mouth

I know he’s my chosen fate

Because I couldn’t walk away

Because I chose love over being safe

And now I’ve chosen the date that’ll follow my birth date

That’ll be chiseled on the marker to my grave

Because I chose not to save my own life

Because I chose to be obedient rather than fight

And now I’m fighting for my life

But it’s too late

Who am I kidding?

After being his punching bag

“Bitch, all you do is nag!”

And being his door mat

“You ain’t good for shit but laying on your back”

Now he’s supposed to let me leave?

If he has it his way it’ll be in a body bag

And not on my own two feet

Why didn’t I break free?

I stuck around and let him break me

Chip teeth

Bruise knees

Get it over already

Put me out of my misery

Please kill me

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