Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Used To

This one stemmed from me singing I Used To Love Him by Lauryn Hill so I used that as my first line but then I didn't like where it was going so I changed it slightly and TA DA...Enjoy!

I used to know you like the back of my hand

And now here I stand dropped jaw

At who you are

Who you’ve become

And it’s not becoming of you

It’s like you’re unraveling

And for the first time I can’t be the glue that binds you

And for the first time I don’t even want to

I don’t wanna be the solution to your problems

Wreck my brain in an attempt to solve them

You’re on your own

I came to this conclusion

When your voice took on a brand new tone

And I was stuck in place

As I stared at you and tried to remember your face

But nothing came to mind

And the charm that once captivated me

I could not find

And I’m ok with that

As I’m granted the chance to scratch

Your name off my list of people to care about

Leaving an opening to care a little bit more about me

And in that instant I’ve been set free

And the taste left in my mouth is bittersweet

As I think of what used to be

You and me

Perfect symmetry


Kisses that lingered long after they ended

Sessions of love making that left me winded

This is what once was

All that remains?

A lost love

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