Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #1

I've decided to participate in an exercise, sponsored by that well have me writing one poem a day based on the prompts provided.

Prompt: Metaphor
I'm not really feeling 100% about this poem is what it is...ENJOY!

I open the door to my office and accept my fate

For the next eight hours

As I anxiously wait for the clock to strike 4:30

Then I’m out the door in a hurry

The keys tossed on my desk is the escape I’m waiting for

They start the car that will get me to the love that I get lost in

Staring at the frame on my desk

That holds a picture of my love

Who I keep my heart in

I struggle to get the day started

Constantly pushing snooze on my mental alarm

My escape’s so far away


  1. "Constantly pushing snooze on my mental alarm"

    I have lived there.


    NaPoWriMo -


  2. This is exactly how my day seemed today! I like how you captured the feeling so well!