Monday, April 6, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #6

Ok, so I missed Day #5 but not on purpose, I just couldn't get a list of 50 words from anyone but it WILL get done. But moving on, I love Day #6 prompt. I didn't really like the picture provided so I looked through the rest of Pensiero's pics and when I saw this one it just jumped out at me and I HAD to write about it so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I need to figure out how to make the image a link to it's original source but until then I'll just give this information because I definitely wanna give the credit for this gorgeous picture where it is due.

I'm an actress

And the bedroom is my stage

I don’t work for financial gain

My satisfaction is my wage

And I love it
The hugs

The kisses

The touches

I live for this

By no means do I have multiple personalities

But I often find myself playing these roles

From a bed room vixen

To the likes of a CEO

And what turns me on the most

Is you would never know

I could be the woman in the office

With the knee length skirts

And the high buttoned shirts

With posture upright

Attitude, uptight

But as soon as that clock strikes 5

I step into a whole new state of mind

And I check out mentally

Step out of my 3-piece suit

Into a cloak of sensuality

And that’s the real me

Rushing home to revel in my sexual proclivities

This is the definitive me

Until the day is done

The curtain is drawn

And I’ve reached the end of the act

Just to do it all over the next day

And return to wearing the mask


  1. yes, proclivities!

    Very good interpretation of the art work. The rhyme works well.

  2. Thanks for the words that you used for my pics. I have discovered it today and I was happy to read it. :-)