Friday, April 3, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #3

DAY 3! So today's prompt was pretty much to take something in your life that's in 3's and incorporate it into a poem so right away I knew this would be a "relationship" poem because I've had 3 meaningful relationships and it just came to me so I ran with it. I usually don't title my poems (at least not right away) but the title came to me before the poem so I went with it but it's subject to change...ENJOY!

Three Loves, One Heart

He jump started it all as my first

First kiss

First love

First…you know what

And it was cool

But I couldn’t fool myself

Into believing this was as good as it gets

And that’s when I met Mr. Next

And he was good for over a year until he became an ex

And 3rd time really is a charm

Because when I met number three

All I heard were alarms signaling this was it

And years later I’m still being bit

By the love bug

Finding myself getting lost in the simple embrace

Of a farewell hug

Until we meet again

If all roads led to him

I’d walk this path all over again

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed...I really like it when peeps are not afraid to open up and be honest....stay open...honest and always relate. relationships are ok....but you always have to relate..My dear partner has taught me that and she is always open and honest...keep creating my dear