Monday, April 13, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #15

Still playing catch-up, Poem #15: Instead Of...

I live to write

Or should I say I write to live

It’s vital to my existence like breathing

So I feel like someone’s teasing me

When I have a pen in hand

And paper in front of me

And I can’t write

But this is no one’s writer’s block

I’m just locked in this classroom

With this lecture

From this professor

That I don’t want to hear

And I fear that I’m going to lose it

Not my mind

But these rhymes

That flow from the tips of my fingers

And I could wait but I don’t know

How long their gonna linger

And I don’t wanna lose them

So I’d rather be writing instead

Make room for more

By taking these words out my head

But this teacher keeps going on and on

And all I wanna do is write this poem

But his long winded words won’t let me

He’s driving me crazy

And this is my therapy

I know I should be listening

But instead I’d rather be writing

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