Thursday, April 9, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #9

So I'm playing catch up on all the prompts I've missed throughout the month so this is Prompt #9: Paradise...ENJOY!

You are my sandy beach

My mountain top retreat

My relief from the stress of the days

You are the way I wind down

You are my glass of wine

And fruit platter

You are my distraction

Where nothing else seems to matter

You are my full body massage

Where my guard comes down

And I drop the fa├žade

You are my paradise

No need to hop on any flights

Because you’re right here

And in these moment’s there’s nothing I fear

No obstacles to steer clear of

My paradise is in your touch

You are my clear blue waters

My paradise is within these borders

I don’t have to travel far in order

To find my peace

I don’t need the cool shade

Provided by palm trees

You are my serenity


You are the epitome

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