Thursday, April 2, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #2

OK, It's Day #2 and today's prompt was to take 5 nouns and verbs related to something else and put them in a poem about something completely different. So, for whatever reason math was on my mind so that's where I took my verbs and nouns and incorporated them into a poem I guess you can say? The hood? Ghetto? Inner city? Whatever you wanna call it....ENJOY!

*NOTE* The bold terms are the 5 verbs and nouns

Some say I come from the wrong side of the tracks
Like I don’t already know that
Like I haven’t been putting pencil to paper
Thinking of ways to turn my dreams into schemes
Calculating an escape
That’ll get me outta here
This concrete jungle
Where I struggle to tune out the sounds of gunshots
Concentrating on the words
That are scrawled across the pages of books
Hoping that when I finally take a look
I won’t be here any longer
Hoping that the clich├ęs that teachers spew of believing in yourself
Manifest into truth
So I can stop thinking I’m here by mistake
And start believing I’m working to determine my own fate
Writing my own happy ending

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