Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #8

YAY! Another fun prompt. I always joke around with my boyfriend about how I can remember ever crush I've ever had and FINALLY I get to put it to use (lol). I tweaked the original prompt a little for today's poem but but I didn't stray to far. So....ENJOY!

I guess you can say I’ve always been a little boy crazy

Because it all started

In pre-kindergarten

When this little boy TOLD me

He was my boyfriend

And under the lunch table

He held my hand

Then in 2nd grade a another little boy

Chased me under a table

Asked me for a kiss

But he was hurriedly dismissed

With a disgusted look


Then he caught me behind the handball wall

Reiterated that a kiss on the cheek is all

And I ran from him

And avoided eye contact in the halls

And then in the 3rd grade

I met Mr. Green eyes

And I was mesmerized…

About as mesmerized as a 3rd grader can be

I remember thinking of asking

If my Valentine, he would be

Then 4th grade came along

I met a boy with the same last name as me

Then I thought, ”How perfect can this be

My name won’t change when we’re married”

This HAD TO be serious

Because it followed me to 5th grade

Then I found out her had a girlfriend

And the crush went away

But the very next year

Another took its place

And another

And another

And another became a lover

And I grew up

And got older

And flames began to smolder

Romance’s simplicities

I left in elementary

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  1. The innocence flows easy here. Thanks for the read.