Monday, April 13, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #14

Catching up some more. This prompt was called Road Trip...Enjoy!

My car knows my secrets

It’s like my diary

It’s seen every side of me

It’s my partner in crime

It’s driven me up and down the coast

And it’s allowed me to just cry

It was my shoulder

It is the holder of memories

Of love scenes

And tears that streamed

And blood curdling screams

Of frustration

Sometimes after I’ve parked

I get out with hesitation

Now I have to face the world

Leaving behind my security blanket

But I can face it

I can take it

All the while I’m waiting

To resume my seat

Rejoin my partner

And gamble on what destination we’ll meet


  1. What a great poem. I can relate to every word. It was perfect from beginning to end.

  2. nothing is perfect....but this is great and i really like it.....and no need to hurry to catch up.....just enjoy and write as you please