Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nawripomo: Poem #16

So I'm back and today's prompt was taking a word and running with it so I was trying to make a nice, legible map on my computer to show how I got the words I chose to used but that didn't work out so I hope this little diagram works:

MOLD -(rhymes with)-> hold, scold, household, stroll, old
MOLD -(synonyms)-> build, shape, form
MOLD -(antonym)-> DISMANTLE -(antonym)-> combine
DISMANTLE -(synonym)->RECONSTRUCT -(rhymes with)->pluck

I can’t tell you the number of times

I’ve heard a woman say she wants a man to mold

And I can’t help but scoff and say I want a man to hold

I’m not looking to raise a child

Someone’s whose mistakes I’d have to scold

I don’t need that

I want someone to build a household with

And stroll to our destination of forever

As we grow old together

Not a child that I have to tether myself to

I don’t look at men as projects

Objects to shape into form

Dismantle and reconstruct

Poke, prod, and pluck away

Undesirable traits

I’m looking for someone to combine my spirit with

Form a union heaven sent

To revel in

Me and my self made man


  1. When you find one could you see if he has a brother ;o)? LOL

  2. As a man, I appreciate the sentiment :-). Now, I don't mind a _little_ bit of molding, it's just the dismantling and reconstruction that hurts LOL

    Thanks for describing your process with this poem. I always find that fascinating when poets describe something about how their poems came to be.

  3. I like they way you used the words and ideas!

  4. "combine my spirit with" YESSSSSS!