Sunday, April 12, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #12've missed a couple of prompts but it's been a busy weekend for me. But tonight I was able to check in at Read Write Poem and I loved today's prompt of Where Do You Come From? I kinda sort in a way followed the prompt but I took it elsewhere of course so...ENJOY!

Where do I come from?

I could tell the same tales

Of trips to hell and back

And the tattered sidewalks with cracks

And the crack heads

These streets never seem to lack

But for once

I don’t feel like talking about that

Instead I’ll tell you about my mother and father

Who bore and raised 2 sons and 5 daughters

Who bought a house and built a home

For us to dwell in

And in these walls the stories were written

That I’m telling

They’re the ones that taught me

That failing was not an option

And I’m opting to uplift them

Because they’re the roots to the tree that is me

They’re my walls, roof, and ceiling

They’re the source of my pain and my healing

I feel like trying something new

I feel like taking you all on a walk down positivity

Where the walls aren’t littered with graffiti

And sirens don’t sound through the city

I’d rather speak of my skin the color of ebony

That speaks of strength of beauty

This is where I come from


  1. a beauty for sure....and a proud one who is proud of parents....lovely....and keeep it up