Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Napowrimo: Poem #7

This was another good prompt for me because I knew what I wanted to write about right away. I have a lot of nicknames and to be honest, I don't like most of them. This is probably because I like my real name so much so I implore everyone to use it (lol) but I do have 2 nicknames that I adore because they came from my parents. My mom calls me "Nuri" and my Daddy used to call me "Pumpkin" and that's the name I chose to use for this prompt.

A lil' backstory, my dad passed away in October 2004 after battling Parkinson's Disease for years and I miss him terribly and think about him everyday so any chance I have to incorporate him into something I do I jump on it, so....ENJOY!


When I hear it

A lump still forms in my throat

And I get a little choked up

When I think of my Daddy’s name for me

His youngest

His baby

I long to hear it daily

In that familiar baritone

Sometimes I convince myself I can hear it

When I’m alone in silence

And that’s when I find it the hardest

To fight back tears

And I have to deal with his absence

But then I hear it again

And something else happens

Pumpkin evokes memories

Of standing on his toes and dancing

Running down the streets and laughing

Watching me walk down the street

Making sure that I was safe

And seeing that nothing happened

This make me happy

And these thoughts reaffirm

That in this world and the next

I’ll always be Daddy’s little girl


  1. These seem like really good memories. I especially like the image of standing on your dad's toes dancing.

  2. I enjoyed reading this - I am a father, and I gave my beloved daughter a nickname I still use at times today - Sunshine... and she is 35
    Come meet Ziggy

  3. nice one...one of my daughters...called pumpkin also

  4. I can feel the tears coming after reading this, you have made me miss my daddy, I'll never outgrow being his little girl. Lovely poem.